Buying and owning a boat

Owning a boat or yacht is something many people think or dream about, and thatís where it ends.....or maybe not...

Maybe itís all the other issues to consider once you have bought a boat or that the fact itís considered a luxury that you can do without that cuts short the inevitable next step. But be assured that, unless you have a phobia about floating about on the water, once you own a boat it often becomes as much part of the family as your car.

So letís look at some of the pros and cons associated with boat buying and owning a boat compared to a car.

Well for most pleasure craft, unlike a car, there are no age restrictions.
You donít have to apply for a licence and pass a test to use one depending on where you use the boat.
No road tax.
Insurance is not compulsory, although some marinas, storage, launch facilities etc may require third party insurance.
New boats for sale donít need seat belts.
You can stop and have a cup of tea just about anytime you like.
No speed restrictions out at sea

Itís not always possible to test out a boat before buying it.
You canít be certain of the hours of use the boat or engine has had.
To get it home you need special transport or a tow bar.
There are more safety considerations to make.
You have to tow or travel to your boat to use it unless you live on it.

Ok, so there are plenty more on either side but a well looked after boat can often be an investment and more affordable than many would think. Boats for sale from a dealer will often have finance options and for those looking to live on a boat there are mortgages available.

And so as not to restrict you we are featuring boats and yachts for sale from countries all over the world. Looking for a boat in Spain, Florida, France, China etc then easily navigate your way through the options available to gain one of your most exiting purchases for living, pleasure, retirement, business or sport.