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Further Information about Macsalvors Ltd

Our range of goods now includes: boat chandlery, building material, engineering supplies, hand and power tools, new and used office furniture, footwear, clothing and leisure products.
We also specialise in factory clearance.

So if you have a specific enquiry from a tea spoon to a 10 Ton (or Tonne) anchor or from a tube of glue to a 10,000 gallon fuel tank, E-Mail us on or visit our website above.

Macsalvors Ltd features

Chandlery Shops
- Boat and Yacht Chandlers
Online Boat Chandlery Retailers
- Anodes ,Antifoul ,Binoculars ,Boat and Yacht Clothing ,Books ,Charts ,Cleaners and Polishes ,Dinghy's and Inflateables ,Fenders ,Gifts and Jewelry ,GPS Systems ,GRP Repair Materials ,Ropes ,Stainless Steel Fittings ,Trailer Parts and Accessories ,Varnishes ,VHF Radios and Communication ,Wake Boards and Toys

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