Boat and Waterside Weddings

Boat and waterside weddings will give you the ultimate romance experience, fully equipped and catered for by professionals who make weddings on a boat or at the waterside truly special.

A wedding on a boat or yacht can provide a luxurious and very romantic venue for the ceremony and/or the reception. Imagine a sunset at sea providing the backdrop for the photos, maybe a luxury yacht moored off a Greek Island providing the wedding couple or party guests a lavish retreat, dancing the night away under a star lit sky or dining with ever changing scenery you can imagine the possibilities are endless.

Probably considered one of the most memorable, exciting, expensive, enjoyable and sometimes stressful occasions to plan or to attend in some peoples lives.

Almiyachts in Greece will arrange a yacht charter for you wedding.

Norwegian Cruise Line specialise in the complete wedding on a boat package wherever your destination.

Dragon Heart Thailand Yacht Charter will provide a bespoke wedding package with a traditional Thai boat or waterside wedding.

Weddings in Phuket will make your dream wedding a reality with stunning location on and around the Andaman Sea.

IGLU Cruise will take care of your romantic boat wedding gettaway plans around the Caribbean.

Weddings will conjure up memories good and bad and the photos or videos will bring smiles and sometimes tears. The wedding ceremony has been taken to extremes as well as retaining the traditional church or registry office venue. The reception ranges from the very simple to extravagant measures involving hundreds maybe thousands of guests. Whatever your choice or affordability the memory will last for many years.

The choice of craft range from sleek modern super yachts to classic vessels, elegant ships and casual party boats. The interiors maybe magnificent banquet style, opulent private furnishings or simple fashion to be economical the choice is yours.

There are many different points of departure for boat weddings you could consider depending on perhaps where you live, where you want the honeymoon to start from but of course with so many means of transport available the choice is many. Some will fly to New York and take in Long Island during their big day others will choose the St Kitts, Ibiza and even Juneau.

The fairy tale wedding is what many will only dream of but this is where dreams can come true. A wedding that takes place on the water may not suit every guest but for those who are lucky enough to be invited will probably remember that wedding far above the traditional church or registry office event.

These weddings are not just for the rich and famous. We have the information and online resources to help with completing one of the most important days of your or someone's life.

In this guide we have featured the companies who can help make your dream wedding come true. Whether your choice of venue is the warm waters of the Mediterranean, off the islands of the Caribbean, cooler climates such as Alaska or on a river in the UK these professionals have made it their business to provide you with a tailor made occasion you'll never forget.

The honeymoon could also be a vacation on a boat. From small riverboats to super yachts and cruise liners the boat weddings event will be treasured.