Boat builders

It is thought that the first people to explore the sea were the ancient Greeks more than 10,000 years ago

Probably one of our favourite featured pages, feast your eyes on the magnitude of expertise and sheer unbelievable detail that goes into building some of these magnificent vessels.

We showcase traditional wooden boat constructors, canal boat craftsmen, GRP aluminium and of course luxury and super yacht manufactures.

But first a little ancient history of boat builders.
It is thought that the first people to explore the sea were the ancient Greeks more than 10,000 years ago realising that sea travel was a more efficient and economical way of transporting goods for trade as their terrain was so mountainous.

Then of course were the Egyptians, who recorded they’re seafaring activities along the Nile river on clay tablets more than 6,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians had craft that resembled rowing boats and constructed cargo vessels some 300 feet long to transport goods and building materials.

Ancient boat builders designed war ships that were long, some over 100 feet, and narrow in order that higher speeds could be reached and to accommodate a 100 plus oarsmen whereas cargo ships hulls became more bulbous and taller to carry more goods.

Modern day boats and yachts combine some of the traditions of early boat designs with space age technology of today. The leading super yacht builders of our world can design an ocean going vessel that some will only dream of and for others their imagination is the only limitation. Practical, palatial, extravagant, economical, secure are just some of the ways to describe the craft that these boat builders can engineer.

But there are boats to suit every pocket, the tranquillity of sitting in a simple wooden rowing boat amongst the early morning summer mist on a lake can sooth the soul. Ripping the water off the coast of Cornwall just for the hell of it in a power boat can burn off tension and tasting the luxury of cruising the Mediterranean with a crew waiting on you hand and foot can be the romance a couple deserve.

You will find something to interest you on this page even if it just to look at the variety of true craftsmanship that the world of building boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes has to offer.