Boat clubs and associations

Boat clubs and associations for the boat enthusiast, clubs for the experienced and beginner, associations relating to this sporting & leisure activity.

This page could be considered the starting point of boating. A rich tapestry of clubs and associations that provide just about everything you need to know and be aware of in boating.

Amongst the well known of these is the UK’s national R.Y.A. The Royal Yachting Association is an accredited body who’s membership stretches to over 100,000 personal members and some 500,000 boat owners who are members of affiliated boat clubs and associations.

Motorcruising, sailing, sportsboats, powerboat racing, inland boating, windsurfing personal watercraft, and many forms of recreational and competitive boating are represented by the RYA.

Some of the smaller clubs you will find more local to you and these will often specialise in a particular watercraft sport or activity. These are great organisations to join in order to become safely introduced to the fun and excitement to be had on the water. The social side of joining a club or association can be as much fun as the sport itself often with fund raising events and competitions.

Another advantage of becoming involved in a club is they often have club owned craft and safety equipment that you can use when membership is granted allowing the taking part without the expense of buying your own. Boat training and sail schools are sometimes offered at boat clubs and associations, this can be a more economical way of learning the ropes to increasingly popular pastime.

Power boat racing is in a different class to those comparably tranquil forms of sailing and yachting activities. The massive engines driving these on-water missiles sometimes exceed 1000 hp and topping speeds that would get you a total ban on road. So its no surprise that this type of heart pounding, adrenalin pumping, thrill seeking boating has its own following of enthusiasts and therefore its own family of clubs which we are proud to include on this page.

Not limiting the interest to the UK we are featuring boat clubs and associations from around the world furnishing you with the opportunity of joining and benefiting from the facilities and services offered by other countries whilst visiting, holidaying or living abroad.

“Come and join us”