Fishing on a boat

Boat fishing for the extreme fisherman. Kit your boat out with the latest equipment and experience some real fishing.

There’s nothing quite like eating a fish that you have caught. It must be the hunter-gatherer instinct still left inside us since caveman days.

Bobbing around on the open sea, lake or river, rods rigged up and loaded with bait, the tranquillity enveloping the day, coffee or tea on the go and relaxing conversation whilst a keen eye is kept on the rod tips for that heart leaping knock that says I've got one.

A trip out on a boat to catch fish is appealing to those looking for an excuse to “have go” as it is to the dedicated fisherman. If the thought of handling the bait, the fish and gutting your catch puts you off boat fishing then arrange an organised trip where the boat captain will often help you with these smelly tasks. Organised trips are often the reason some get hooked on this pastime and the local knowledge of the captain will ensure you will almost certainly catch something. Deep sea and wreck fishing will have you pulling aboard fish such as conger eel whilst closer in fishing will see Bass, Mackerel and Pollack etc.

If the thought of fishing out at sea gives you a queasy stomach then try a calmer venue such as a river or lake where fly, float or bottom fishing will catch you salmon, tench, pike and trout etc. Unlike boat fishing out at sea you will need a rod licence and possibly permission or permit to fish the particular area of your choice.

Whatever your choice you'll need the right equipment for your boat. Safety, again, must be your first consideration but following that choosing the tackle to use to suit your fishing preference couldn’t be easier at Boat Chandlers Guide. We have premium quality products from leading brands and the accessories to compliment them.

Some useful information like good boat fishing marks can also be found and some tasty mouth watering recipes to try once you’ve brought home the catch.

For the international angler and those who fish whilst on vacation we have featured the links to help you enjoy this ever growing popular pastime and sport in many other countries.
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