What is a Chandlery

In medieval times, a chandlery was the area of the house which kept candles and the wax used to make candles.

In medieval times, a chandlery was the area of the house which kept candles and the wax used to make candles. The person responsible for this area was called a chandler. In more modern times a chandler is known to be someone who sells candles, however these days the term is more commonly associated with the marine industry selling boat, yacht and sailing parts and spares.

It is a huge industry spreading worldwide with most organisations related to boating selling this equipment in some form or another. With internet access, the browsing, selection and ordering couldn't be simpler and we have collated a great choice of products from all over the world for your perusal.

We have chosen to separate marine chandlery from boat accessories as some would describe chandlery to be a necessity and accessories to be an add on. Whichever, pinpointing those quality parts for replacement can be a tedious, time consuming chore so we have tried to make it even easier for you to find your additional or spare part for your boat. So if you don't find what you are looking for here, then try boat accessories.

From small boat cleats to yacht antifoul and super yacht capstan's, our coverage of marine chandlery is widespread.

The task of self maintaining your boat or yacht is an essential undertaking to ensure your vessel remains safe and efficient for its next voyage. If you use a permanent mooring then even time and weather will take its toll on your boat especially if it's in salt water. Outboard engines are particularly vulnerable. Salt, even in air can corrode electrical terminals, poor wiring, fixtures and fittings, steering and throttle linkages amongst others. So protecting components and parts should be carried out regularly. Marine grease is useful to have aboard and a generous dollop on those exposed areas may prevent frustration to an otherwise well planned trip.

Cruise your way through our marine chandlery section and ensure you're well prepared and avoid getting caught out the next time you decide to get afloat.